Workforce Training

Green Enterprise Development teaches participants how to apply practices in the workplace that are both environmental friendly and make business sense.

Green Worker

The 21st Century Green Worker

Green Workers can be in any occupation and in any type of organization:
  • They come from every spectrum of the business world and understand the role and goal of sustainability.
  • They can identify opportunities and use tools to implement solutions.
  • They participate in the continuous improvement process in the workplace.
  • They have the knowledge and skills to be active participants in their organization's efforts to implement sustainability methods and processes.

Worker Credentials with National Recognition

Green Enterprise Development is the only green workforce training program recognized by an engineering society in the nation.

Purdue TAP and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) partnered to develop the body of knowledge that is used for the SME Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate exam and as the basis of the Green Enterprise Development- Green Specialist curriculum.

Training for Green Jobs through GreenEd

  • Only portable green-skills program that will prepare workers in all sectors for green jobs.
  • Provides the knowledge and skills to make your workforce a green workforce.
  • Interactive, hands on simulations enable students to learn and apply the waste elimination techniques that will save money for their employers.

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Qualified Training

GreenED is an approved training program in Indiana for this federally funded, state managed program job training program.

Completed Training Locations

  • Richmond Veterans (IN)
  • Vincennes Veterans (IN)
  • Blue Green Alliance (MN)
  • ICD (IN,OH)


"Nearly every manufacturing employee can benefit from a green jobs training program that teaches how to do their job in a more eco friendly way. The GreenEd program addresses the change in thinking in manufacturing work to actively look for ways to incorporate more sustainable, environmentally friendly improvements that have a positive effect on the bottom line. So attaining the SME Green Manufacturing Specialist credential signifies knowledge in the prevention of waste, energy conservation and clean manufacturing processes."

- Jeannine Kunz, Director of marketing and professional development, Society of Manufacturing Engineers

"GreenED ensures that any worker in a manufacturing company – whether they work on the shop floor or upper management – is able to make recommendations for how their day-to-day activities can be done more sustainably, profitably and efficiently. TAP’s curriculum will help incumbent and unemployed workers explore and take advantage of the opportunities being created in the new green economy."

- Brant Ingalsbe, Director of the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation’s GreenPOWER program

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