Green Enterprise Development

Green Generalist, Green Specialist and Waste Stream Mapping Train-the-Trainer

Green Enterprise Development Train-the-Trainer Offerings

Green Enterprise Development Train-the-Trainer program was developed as a complete training and implementation package. It is compatible with existing Lean and Quality Management System programs, yet empowers the workforce to become part of a continuous improvement program in Sustainability. All trainers, who wish to deliver the Green Generalist, Green Specialist or Waste Stream Mapping courses, are authorized to conduct training upon completion of the 2-day program.

Deliverables Include:
  • Day 1: Observe and participate in a “live” Green Generalist, Green Specialist or Waste Stream Mapping workshop.
  • Day 2: Immersion in the simulations and facilitation guide to become a Green Generalist or Green Specialist trainer.

Workshops include training kit with materials for simulation, facilitator guide PowerPoint presentation, and software to print instruction materials.

Available TTT offerings:
  • Green Generalist GN401 TTT
  • Green Specialist Dumpster Dive TTT, GN403
  • Green Specialist Sustainability in Practice TTT, GN404
  • Green Specialist Energy Management TTT, GN405
  • Green Specialist H2O Conserve TTT, GN406
  • Green Specialist Pollution Solutions TTT, GN407
  • Green Specialist Green Chemistry TTT, GN408
  • Waste Stream Mapping TTT, GN409

Course descriptions


"The way Purdue has put this together is just amazing. It follows the learn-do approach which we also traditionally use and has been very successful with our clients. This approach allows both conceptual as well as practical knowledge so the participants actually get to go and do what they just learned. The program has a certain methodology with it that’s very easy to comprehend for participants. The way Purdue presents the material follows a particular format so that you’re going to retain it. That format is going to allow anyone who takes the course to take the knowledge and put it into play in their own organization so they can start reaping the benefits right away."

- Chris Hayes, Senior Field Engineer, Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership