Green Enterprise Development

Client Testimonials

"We were impressed by the easy-to-understand delivery of the Green Generalist Training. For individuals or companies looking to get a clear overview of green concepts and to develop an understanding of how to apply the concepts to manufacturing processes, this is the course for you. The trainers were professional and made the training time interesting."

- Kim Coker Director of Communications, PR & Grantwriting, Southern Arkansas University Tech

"What I liked best about Purdue's Green Enterprise program is that it included a process simulation where all the participants were able to contribute and apply what was learned in the classroom environment. Everyone had improvement ideas based on the contextualization of the information regardless of background or experience."

-Nick Real, Machine Tool Technology Dept. Chair, Cerritos College, Cerritos, California

"Fourteen of our workers including myself attended the one-day Green Generalist training at our factory. The training was well planned and well taught. Our people have learned valuable information and many more ways to be "Green." We thoroughly enjoyed the practical exercises and gain valuable lessons from them. We’d like to thank Purdue TAP for bringing this training to us as well as making it available to Indiana manufacturers."

- Hung Nguyen, Plant Manager, Drug Plastics & Glass Co., Inc

"We found the Purdue TAP facilitators to be knowledgeable and passionate about the Green Enterprise Development topics they presented. Using the tools we learned through the Green Generalist workshop, we formed a green team, identified environmental performance metrics, and are now setting goals. We look forward to continuing our work with Purdue TAP as we head down the green path."

- Donna Roberts, Safety Engineer, Rea Magnet Wire Co., Lafayette, Indiana

"The Green Generalist curriculum is the perfect means for Blackhawk Technical College to serve our business and industry partners in southern Wisconsin. Our faculty and staff learned basic knowledge on environmentally friendly processes and applied it to a practical business simulation. We look forward to sharing this knowledge and application with our students/graduates as well."

- Dr. Sharon Kennedy, Vice President of Learning, Blackhawk Technical College, Janesville, Wisconsin

"The Green Generalist Program provides a good overview on the components of a Sustainability Program. The simulations help to demystify the concepts and break them into elements that can be understood, managed and implemented."

- Joseph C. D'Urso, Group Product/Services Manager, New Jersey MEP, Morris Plains, NJ

"Sustainable practices are as much about improving business performance as they are about being environmentally responsible — the two clearly go hand in hand."

- Melissa Fey, Sustainability Facilitator, Smith Brothers Furniture

"Our clients are really starting to understand the need to put sustainability in their top level strategies. It’s not just a “feel good thing” to show we care about our planet but instead they realize that sustainability has real bottom line impact. Profitability is one of the concepts that we teach and one we’ve learned during the GreenEd training."

- Chris Hayes, Senior Field Engineer, Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership