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Green Enterprise Development Services
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Green Enterprise Development was designed by Purdue’s Technical Assistance Program for manufacturers and others interested in learning how to apply sustainable, environmentally friendly practices in the workplace. The program is composed of nine in-class modules, one online module, and seven facilitator training modules. Through the 3-level program, participants can earn an SME Green Manufacturing Specialist certificate with accreditation through the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) upon successful completion of an exam.

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Level 1: Green Generalist Training (Green 101)

Learn green concepts, key environmental issues facing manufacturers, and the components of sustainability during a one-day interactive workshop. Appropriate for the entire workforce.

Level 2: Green Specialist Certificate Series

Green Specialist Modules are appropriate for engineers, green team participants and environmental managers. They include:

  • Dumpster Dive: Learn fundamentals of solid waste streams and their sources by focusing on the 4Rs — Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  • Sustainability into Practice: Develop the business case for implementing a comprehensive environmental management or sustainability program.
  • Energy Management: Learn how to manage energy usage and invest in energy efficiency to cut energy costs and reduce carbon footprint.
  • H20 Conserve: Learn lower-cost and conservation principles/practices in operation and design of water systems.
  • Pollution Solutions: Learn how to improve mission control and environmental management systems, and new technologies to reduce air pollution.
  • Green Chemistry: Learn how to apply green chemistry principles and techniques throughout the business.

Level 3: SME Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

To earn an SME Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate with accreditation through the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), participants must pass the SME Green Specialist Certificate Exam.

Recommendations include one of the following:

  • Completing all six modules of the Green Specialist Series.
  • Completing the three-day Green Specialist Certificate Preparation workshop.

Visit SME's website at: for exam dates, FAQ sheet, sample questions and exam application.

Click here for "Certified Green" article.

Elective: Green Generalist Online Now Available!
One-Day Workshop / $195 per workshop / Appropriate for the entire workforce

Purdue University’s Technical Assistance Program (TAP) online Green training is now available. The Green Generalist Online workshop is an interactive and educational online course that provides awareness of the many topics and issues of sustainability. Now, you can learn how to apply environmentally friendly practices in the workplace… on your schedule.

The Green Generalist Online course is comprised of seven sections, seven tests, and three interactive simulations that embed the concepts of sustainability through example. The course takes up to four hours to complete. To register, click here.

Elective: Waste Stream Mapping
Two-Day Workshop / $790 per person / Appropriate for engineers, green team participants and environmental managers

Learn how to enable visualization of how processes create waste and where opportunities exist to reduce or eliminate waste, thereby helping the environment.